Beat The Summer Heat With These Business Trends

As simple at these may seem, they all lead to the same thing and that is earning profit so long as you are able to do it right, make the right decisions, and commit yourself towards achieving your goal. When it comes to venturing into a small scale business, what matters most is you having the vested interest of establishing it so you will be able to enjoy what you are doing, learn, and earn at the same time.Wherever you go, business is there, and why a business is there is because there is demand in the market. In this case, summer is a great season for anyone to take advantage of it when it comes to establishing a business. But if money is a problem yet you are determined to take that opportunity, then best to do it is by establishing a small scale business. And hopefully these ideas could help you make it work.

Ice cream

That sweet frozen dessert has got to be the most popular one in the world, and everyone has their own favorite flavor except for those who are lactose intolerant. You could either make your own at home or invest on a carpigiani that has the capacity to produce large volumes of ice cream, and if you are not really into ice cream then it can also be used to produce gelato, sorbet, frozen custard, and/or sherbet! In other words, making use of carpigianis is an all-in-one combination of frozen desserts whenever and whatever you please.


Slushies has got to be one of the most iconic and favorite frozen drinks there is. Although what people do not usually appreciate is the brain freeze but other than that, it is this sweet crystallic beverage that everyone just loves. Like ice cream, you can also change its flavors whenever with slushie machine which will be a convenience to you since all you basically need to do is push down the lever and serve. Preferred mixes has always been soda flavored drinks since people have become lesser fans of fruit flavored ones because they would prefer natural ones over artificials.

Beach outfits

Board shorts, speedos, and bikinis will always be in demand during these days. You could either put up a stall on nearby beaches or pool parks or put up an online store! But always make sure that the designs you sell fits the preference of today’s generation, specifically millennials, because one of the things that they take into consideration is its worthiness of posting it on their social media account!


If you consider yourself to be expert or near that area in the field of swimming or other physical activities that involes water, then you could offer some lessons. Mostly your target market would fall on children when it comes to swimming lessons or some surfing lessons which can be catered to any age. As mentioned, summer the place in which you are presented with the opportunity to earn some extra money whether you are a student or regularly employed. It never hurts to try, but once you do, make sure to dedicate yourself into it to get the return of investment that you want.

Call The Supplier!

The term supply chain management and supply chain are quite common. So much so they are now offering complete degrees on supply chain management. Candidates are willingly opting this option to survive in the market, moreover this supply chain or management of supply chain applies on every business. Be it normal FMCG Company or any other manufacturing entity, the basic rule of supply and demand apply here as well. Anyways before getting into economics terms and jargons, we would like to shed some light on demand and supply not as a concept but two physical entities. Two most important positions in any business are wholesaler and retailer; so consider retailer as a demand and wholesaler as a supplier. Here we will consider the example of cloth wholesaling and retailing.

To understand things better, we must know who is a wholesaler and who is a retailer? A fashion wholesalers Adelaide is somebody who has the stuff in bulk, means he/she has enough material which can be supplied ahead for further work in progress thing, wholesaler is somebody who is actually the supplier of the readymade stuff and the raw material too (raw material includes: raw cloth, threads, buttons and everything else necessary to make an apparel), whereas it depends on the setup if the retailer wants to get the readymade clothing or raw material. Usually in marketing term the relationship between a retailer and a wholesaler is known as B2B (business to business), because no direct consumer is involved in this regard. Whereas on the retailer side things are B2C (business to consumer), as the consumer involvement is there… ok so this brings us to the other side of the business i.e. retailers we all have seen that fancy apparel outlet; all those clothes outlet can be labelled as retailers (from where the actual demand process initiated, by consumer and by the retailer itself).

Functions are also defined and segregated among both sections, wholesaler usually doesn’t look after the packaging and after sales issues these functions are under the domain of a retailer. The retailer deals usually with the distribution, promotion and distribution channels (since it has already been mentioned that retailer is a B2C thing) business to consumer relations are handled solely by the retailers and not by the wholesalers. Whereas all the supplies details are done single handedly by wholesalers. There can be more than one wholesaler of a retailer and there can be more than one retailer for a wholesaler. The truth is as compared to the wholesaler, retailers have to take good care of their physical appearances in order to make the stores attractive and catchy as it really impacts the brand image. Although there are now online stores, still the role of a wholesaler is necessary as they must be getting the clothes supply from somewhere and that somewhere is the “Wholesaler”.