Stay At Home Mum? 3 Saviour Tips For You!

Being a stay at home mum is definitely no easy task. And the worst part, you constantly hear how glorious your life must from those poor working crowd! Pfft! Seriously, what are they thinking!

Being a stay at home mum myself, here are some tips on how you can actually survive this entire ordeal!

Don’t lose focus: the best thing of all this difficulty is your child

I must begin with telling you, that whatever the difficulty or however hard it may seem at the moment, you are sacrificing your everything for that tiny human or humans who call you mummy! I am sure you would agree with me, there is nothing better than a kiss and hug from your little one(s). Which is why we need to remind ourselves that all the sacrifices we are making at the moment is worth it! Because, we are paving a life to ensure our children get the best childhood possible! Yes it is hectic! But that’s just how it is. And more importantly remember all this hectic work will be the days in the past, not too far away from now!

Talk to your partner

You need to very importantly talk to your partner about how you about staying at home and doing the boring repetitive tasks, day in, day out! You need to be able to confide in him about everything. Especially, if you are staying alone with your little one for the whole day until your partner returns home, it is very important that you are able to relieve the day’s stress as much as possible. Talk to your partner about helping out with the kids after coming home from work. Also make sure that you get everything you need from baby furniture Melbourne to domestic help if needed.

Make things easy for yourself

Being a stay at home mum means that you are not only burdened with the task of looking after the little one but you are also required to complete all the household chores. This can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety or sometimes even depression. This is why it is very important to ensure that things are arranged in manner where it is easy for you to manage everything. For instance, you can get baby changing tables to help you out with diaper changing. You can also hire someone to help out with the cleaning up. Or you could get your partner to share the tasks and also get him to tke over looking after the little one for sometime..


Just remember that there is something called post partum depression and it can not only ruin your family life but also deteriorate your health both mental and physical. Therefore, if you find yourself showing any of the symptoms make sure to seek professional help.

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