Things To Bring When Going Camping

Camping is a fun activity for people of all ages. It is both exciting and adventurous. Staying outdoors, going fishing, trekking through the forest and crowding around an open fire pit singing songs of old and new. It’s all so wholesome and truly enjoyable. However as wonderful as it is, camping should not be done on a whim.If you are not adequately prepared before you go camping, your experience could turn out to be awful or worse you may get seriously ill or injured. Thus before you go make sure to take along the following things with you.


Tents are an absolute must. They ensure that you would be protected from the elements and any animals that maybe lingering outside. Tents made of poly cotton are durable and able to withstand the elements well. Furthermore they are also cooler than polyester or nylon tents during summer and warmer than them during cold seasons. However Poly-cotton tents are not cheap so if you are travelling on a budget then you can buy cheap tents made of either polyester or nylon.

Insect Repellant

Camping grounds can be swarming with insects; Mosquitos, Spiders and Scorpions are just a few of the many insects that can be found. Therefore it is an absolute must that you carry an insect repellant to protect yourself from insect bites. Also make sure that the repellant you purchase suits your skin. Some of the ingredients found in repellants such as Deets could cause skin irritation. Therefore always try to go for an organic repellant.

Take a compact camping bag

It might seem tempting to take luggage sets with you when you go camping but this is not practical as it would be too heavy to carry when walking long distances and it would take oto much space in your tent. Therefore go for a compact camping bag which can fit your essentials but should not be filled to the brim with them. The purpose of camping is to take a break from the busy, technologically dependant life you’ve been leading and experience nature instead. So don’t take too many things and ruin the whole purpose of going camping in the first place.In the end Camping is a an enjoyable and fulfilling experience but it is important that you are sufficiently prepared before you partake in it. So research about the place you are going to, anything you would have to be weary of and what you would need before you head out. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of information. If anything, it will make you a much wiser camper.

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